Day Two

As we sit and enjoy our coffee at Panera, we can’t help but laugh about our first day. It was fun and we enjoyed riding our bikes around town. Where we went wrong was trying to ride or bikes down River Street…after the hours we spent at the Moon River Brewery. As we rode down a cobble stone street down to the river Emily said “this sure is bumpy” To which I replied, its nothing. We managed to make it down the hill with no problem. That’s where the trouble started. Apparently rubber bike tires and metal trolley rails go together about as well as oil and water. Because I wiped out st the bottom of the hill. I did at least two complete tumbles on the cobble stone. (It looked like the staged pictures John and I took in Bermuda) Thankfully it didn’t hurt. I did however realize that an entire trolley full of people had just witnessed this. And a cop. And my lovely wife. Who was cackling out of control. Haha! It was do funny that she wiped too! We had a family stop their car and ask if we were ok. Which we were. We ended up walking our bikes back up to the main road and quickly found a bar. Inside, Emily said she is glad we didn’t get those to go beers from the brewery because we would have been wearing them! Good thing.

Our private carriage tour is at 11 today.

2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. You two are too funny!! Sounds like you are having a good time. I’m glad you found the slushie machines!! Dad and I also took the carriage ride. It was well worth it, very informational. Try to stay safe today.

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